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19 April 2011


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Lovely post Spiri. It's inspired me to share or own traditions here and add to the tribal tapestry unfolding on your blog.

Here's another onion skin method, our Latvian tribe uses. Wrap the eggs in onion skins – unevenly & leaving gaps, and then wrap & tie off the egg in cotton sheet, muslin or stockings. Put in a pot of cold water and bring to boil. Boil for 10 minutes once boiling. Cool under cold water and unwrap.

The results are marbled eggs, in hues of gold, orange and tan. For variety we dye some eggs different colours and paint some, if we;re feeling creative.

Check this link out for some pics...

great stuff Spiri


We Buy Houses

Its sure that Dolores and Arshia are good at doing a stuff like this! Its really cute! You can also use it as a decoration if its not to be cook. haha. I will try this to impress my younger sisters. :) thanks for the post.

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