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16 May 2011


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I think you could also add jelly into the mix....a trifle would work well given the custard, cake and jelly combination.

I'm ready for take two :)


Spiri! Why oh why no pics? Not for proof, as your integrity is a given...but for the fun of it agapi mou? :) I just had a thought...you could set up workshops for people and allow others to engage in this liberating experience! :) I bet heaps would secretly sign up and tell their partners they have a PD day... A million kisses and thank you for the wonderful writing and the pleasure of reading your always warm and heart lifting words xxoxoxooxoooxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooox...Tina


Katerina, I think jelly would work perfectly too. And I was worried you were ready for take II! This time we must get photos. Thanks for the experience (one of many to add to our fulsome belt of shared experiences). xxxxSpiri.


Konstantina mou, I hope I haven't created a pie fight monster! Despite myself, I must confess it was strangely liberating and lots of fun. No doubt someone already charges an arm and a leg running them as a corporate 'letting go' experience with high-flying exs. And yes, there were no pics because the photographer was covered in pie. Perhaps when you do it you will send in pics??? xxxSpiri.

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