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03 February 2012


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Vin Maskell

A story that really rings true, Spiri. The cubby house looks pretty flash, though, or is it just the impressive photography? Sheds and cubbies are wistful, wonderful things. I wonder if they are increasingly being replaced by all these storage places one sees across the suburbs.


Oh Spiri - this is SO beautiful! I wish I had been there to hear you read to Mani through the window. Your other half was right to have fallen in love with the Spriridoula voice. Most enchanting post (at least for me) to date...and the photos are magnificent. Vogue - pfft...they wish they could get ones so good :) <3

Spiri Tsintziras

Tina,thank you for your beautiful comments - you are too gorgeous! Reading Emmanuel's old books through the window raised ambivalent feelings - impatience as the sun beat down and our clean up operation was getting done at a snail's pace, joy at how precious the moment was, and sad that childhood seems so fleeting. I'm glad I wrote it down and that you enjoyed it my love. xxxSpiri.

Spiri Tsintziras

Thank you for your comments Vin - yes, it is the flash photography! Pffft, who needs Vogue when you have George Mifsud. Yes,cubby's are quite wonderful things, though they too are suffering from McMansion syndrome I feel. Bring back the cupboard box I say! xSpiri.

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