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05 June 2012


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wendy meddings

thanks Spiri, been wanting to a good pastie recipe for ages. love wendy

Spiri Tsintziras

Beauty Wendy! Glad to be of help. xxSpiri

Deb Birchall

Thanks Spiri - can't wait to make a batch of pasties. After school food is always such a struggle and these look delicious! Deb

Katie Falzon

Yum!! Love a good pastie as well! Oh and of course vegemite on toast and yes it definitely HAS to be white bread, preferably of the white and fluffy "plastic" variety!!


Hey Spiri, winter is a time for feasting and plumping up - Steve and I have a lovely weekend ritual of coffee in bed and on sunday, a croissant as well, simple but look forward to it every week. Hilda


I wanted to let you know that I have just cooked 45 yummy little pasties. They’re great and very moorish too, so much so that I’m wondering if there will be any left by the end of today! The two boys are at football at the moment so I have left some in the warm oven for them to devour when they come in. Thanks to you and your lovely recipe they are going to think that I’m the best mum in the world. Amazing what good food can do.

Pauls Sloss

I've tasted these pasties from the master herself. You can't stop at one ... or two ... or a dozen


Pauls, think we are due for another shared meal and the next instalment of olive oil. Yes, agree pasties are yum and very moorish...xS


What kind of taste is there in this?
It seems to be very delicious.


Anna, as we just had pasties for dinner on this very night, I can say the taste is still in my mouth - the filling is meaty and starchy, with bursts of corn and peas, and the pastry crunchy and buttery. They taste best when they come out of the oven with a dollop of your favourite sauce (we use my mother's homemade tomato sauce). Hope this wets your taste buds!

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