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28 January 2014


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Bruce Esplin

Beautiful words - aiming to buy a copy tomorrow. Hearty congratulations!!


Hi Spiri -

I have just finished your very enjoyable Afternoons in Ithaka. I loved the stories of your family here and in Greece and of your travels. The descriptions of Greece brought back lovely memories of our time in Greece years ago now and made me wish I could go back. I think you are so very lucky to belong to such a big, warm, welcoming and loving family both here and overseas.

All the very best


Spiri T

Hi Nicola, thanks for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed my book. I do feel very lucky to belong to such a warm and loving family (though we have our moments too!)and pretty blessed that I can honour my Greek roots through my writing. I do hope you make another trip to Greece - I think my family and I might be due for another fix soon too! Thanks so much again. Best, Spiri

Spiri T

Thanks Bruce - do hope you enjoy it! Look forward to your feedback. Best, Spiri


I saw your book in the Feb Virgin in flight magazine. I thought,"that's for me". Lovely Hobart bookshop could supply. Excellent outcome. For me too, you brought back memories of Greece, such a happy travelling time in my life. I hope to return next year. Yes you are lucky to have a warm,loving and welcoming family. I do love it when people share recipes, when they share a special little tip, like best storage or how to revive the recipe if required. It's a generosity of spirit to wish the newcomer well. So thank you Spiri for a lovely book. Your son's Valentine's Day tips showed maturity beyond his years!!

Spiri T

Dear Pam, it's always lovely getting feedback from readers (and a bit daunting too!). So glad you enjoyed my book. I loved writing and researching it, and it did make me hanker for another Greece trip I must admit. I hope you have a great time in Greece and be sure to 'drop back in' to Tribal Tomato and report back your highlights. Thanks again, Spiri


Hi Spiri,
I just finished reading Afternoons in Ithaca and it was a trip down memory lane growing up in a greek migrant house. I Enjoyed every chapter with it's recipes, my first trip to Greece when I was eight, to revisiting my grandparents abandoned house. My parents have retired in Greece now and am fortunate to visit annually. I was transported to my younger years growing up in Marrickville, Sydney and had forgotten all the funny moments you share in your book that took place in our family. Thanks for a wonderful read.


Hi George, thanks so much for your kind comments and for taking the time to write. It's wonderful when something you write resonates with people and helps them reflect on their own memories and experiences. Once again, thank you! Spiri


Hi to you; I feel sad that I turned the last page of your book today; I really enjoyed it; what a privilege to join you in your adventures and experiences. Thankyou very much. I felt the comfort of the fish soup; but I felt sadness for you for your loss of a dear friend.


Hi Jacqui, thanks so much for your kind comments and for acknowledging some of the sad experiences in it. My beautiful friend Katerina taught me a lot and for that I am grateful. Thank you again for taking the time to tell me that you enjoyed it. Warm regards, Spiri

Marina Marangos

Hi Spiri,
I am a Greek Cypriot living now in Brisbane and I have just picked up your book and read it in a couple of days. Evocative of greek memories and meals and of course the Greek spirit (xcuse the pun) of hospitality and generosity.
If you come to Brisbane would love to meet you. I write at
Marina Marangos


Hi Marina, thanks heaps for writing and really pleased you enjoyed my book. Your blog is gorgeous and really interesting - is there some way I can be notified of updates? Would love to follow your travels and insights into this gorgeous country we live in. Best wishes and thanks again, Spiri


Hi Spiri - I really enjoyed your book...I could relate so much to your childhood and wanting independence and to find your way in the world (..except I was Greek Australian girl in Sydney growing up in the 70's/80s!) The recipes in the book sound amazing - Im going to try some of them!


Dear Anastasia,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write to me - and so pleased your enjoyed my book! To be notified of updates, just enter your email address in the top right hand corner of this blog. Also, I have a Facebook page which I update regularly with events (workshops I might be running, author talks, that sort of thing)- you can find this at www.facebook.com/thetribaltomato. Look forward to hearing from you again soon! Best, Spiri

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