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07 June 2014


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Heather Hunt

And how to express the utter amazement and delight of the "bestie", who was the favoured recipient of such a gift? The croquembouche was, simply awe-inspiring!! And as the mother of the bestie, and I hope, a "courtesy" aunt of the pastry chefs, I was overwhelmed by their efforts for my daughter. The beautiful creation was infused not only with the perfume of the vanilla bean, but with the love and youthful passion of those first true friendships of early adolescence. I hope that there will be many more celebratory cakes made and shared to mark many more milestones in the three girls' lives. I also hope that they will do the dishes next time.


They always leave the washing up. And use every pan in the kitchen. . But wow. Croquet en Bouche profiteroles any one?


Yes, leaving the washing up seems to resonate with many who responded to this post!

And thanks so much Heather for affirming how much the 'bestie' loved the cake - I think the cake was made in love and friendship and however it turned out, the fact that they wanted to make it in Sophie's honour was key. So proud of our girls for doing the hard yards and getting there - no doubt there will be many more cake making adventures (and while I'd like to be optimistic, lots more parents-washing-up-scenarios too...)

Grace Skene

What a wonderful croque-en-bouche...
...of dishes!

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