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16 February 2015


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a photo remind us so many things. Nice one.


oh I probably have similar photos in my family album - how we loved those Greek xorous...so fun and our parents let loose dancing and drinking all night whilst we children curled up on chairs sleeping and dozing off


Oh yes, how true Anastasia! Thanks for sharing.I look back on those times with nostalgia... Spiri

Shelagh Grieveson

Spiri, I loved your workshop!

The whole weekend was just fabulous, you effortlessly managed to encourage, guide and inspire each of us to dig down deep into the loamy soil of our lives - and I thank you for that Spiri and for sharing your own story and the dreaming, discipline and focus required to commit your memories and experiences to print.






Shelagh, how lovely of you to write and let me know that you enjoyed the workshop! Thank you. It's such an honour to hear the stories of people who have had so many powerful life experiences and who want to express those creatively. I got as much from the group as you did, believe me. It does take courage to tell difficult stories but I think it's worth it. Keep writing! xx Spiri

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